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A pergola is an easy yet gorgeous structure that adds a lot of appeal to backyards. You can transform your outdoor area and create a living space where you can entertain friends and family or relax and unwind after a long day. No matter what you use it for, you can be sure that you will love owning a pergola!

  • ROSY


1. Defines Your Space

2. Serves as a Source of Shade

3. Stand Out from Your Neighbors

4. Increase your property value

5. Reliability

6. Easy to maintain

7. Durable and built to last a lifetime

8. Custom designs to fit any layout.


Our advantages

1. They partially block the sun, eliminating the discomfort of unchecked direct sunlight while still letting plenty of natural light remain in your outdoor space.

2. Pergolas maintain the free flow of air in your outdoor space, too. This is especially useful if you’re covering a grill station or outdoor kitchen setup, where it’s nice to have good ventilation.

3. These structures add an elegant, classic touch to your yard’s atmosphere.

4. They’re also an effective way to delineate spaces functionally in your yard, similar to the effect you might achieve with area rugs inside.

5. Pergolas can function as a substitute for a deck or patio, or they can enhance these outside seating areas.

6. When installed over a walkway, they add a dramatic effect, especially when leading up to the entrance of your home, into the back yard, or up to a garden or pool.

7. Pergolas are a highly desirable yard feature, which means they boost the buyer appeal and resale value of your home.

8. You can increase privacy easily by adding garden lattice or outdoor drapes to the sides of a pergola.

9. With siding, they can also obstruct the view to unsightly features, like an aging shed or a neighbor’s old playground equipment.

10. Add rope lights to a pergola to create a magical nighttime atmosphere.

11. They’re fun to decorate during the holidays, too.

12. Achieve more yard beautification by allowing ivy, honeysuckle, wisteria, or other climbing plants to grow up the posts or columns of the pergola (either directly from the ground, or from pots).

13. Hang potted flowers from the pergola to add more color, fragrance, and aesthetic appeal to your yard.

14. Hang your potted herbs from the pergola to protect them from ground-dwelling animals and insects, too.


Rocky is a company developing, manufacturing and supplying high quality and beautiful garden products.Products include garden fence, pergola, greenhouse, sun room, path edging and other decorations.



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