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Flower Pot

Metal containers are famous for being colorful and aesthetic. Containers made from aluminum and steel have become very trendy. Why metal, and not wood or some other? Because this material allows you to give free rein to your imagination, to fulfill any desires that will look bright in your house or apartment. Without metal, people could not fully develop. Metal is considered a versatile material on planet Earth. It has many factors - plasticity, strength, durability - all of them make it possible to realize the most different idea.


Metal flower stands for floor can have various forms. For example, made in the form of a bicycle, an animal, a musical instrument. There are supports, both high and low. Also vary in quantity, both under one pot, and under ten or more. Manufacturers of metal coasters make very different types: both complex and simple, both light and durable. Many feel the freedom of form, and the elegant curved lines simply fascinate.


Metal floor stand is a good choice if you don’t have extra space on the windowsill. Arrange your flowers in metal coasters in the room or on the balcony, and you will build your own, unique garden. This will give comfort to the home and improve mood. Stand designs allow you to make the most of the free space in order to fill it with indoor flowers.

  • ROSY


1. Resistant to pet waste, weather and most other elements found outside.

2. Resistant to rust no matter how much it rains or how humid your local environment may be.

3. Resistant to corrosion. Once the process of corrosion starts it is impossible to reverse. As a result, you don’t want to give it a chance to begin at all.

4. Will not stain due to graffiti, all stains can be easily cleaned off.

5. Durable against all kinds of potential damages, including getting knocked into by golf carts, people, weed whackers, etc.

6. Lightweight for easy transportation of planters. Plus, you save on shipping costs if you plan to order in bulk.



Our advantages

1. Metal planting containers are unusual choices that create a unique look in the garden and often serve as accent pieces.

2. Many old metal items are available that can be repurposed as planting containers.

3. Metal containers often develop a wonderful worn patina as they sit out in the weather. A copper pot, for example, may develop an attractive green finish over time.

4. Although they gradually rust or corrode, metal containers often last for many, many years. Metal planters are durable. They are shatter-proof and crack-proof, but they can dent.

5. The price for metal planters is low. Plus, you can always reuse any of your metal containers as a pot for your plants.

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