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Firewood Holder

Unless you have a proper firewood rack, it remains a problem for you to store the firewood in a proper way where you can avoid the dust as well as the vermin and insects. By not putting the firewood in proper storage racks you allow it to keep the moisture in it which makes it difficult for it to burn.

  • ROSY


1. Keep both long and short logs and briquettes next to your stove, fireplace or boiler.

Ideal for storing and drying firewood.

2. Strong tubular steel construction.

3. Durable and designed to endure from season to season.

4. Weatherproof powder-coat finish.

5. Conveniently stores wood off of the ground, protecting it from insects, mud and water.

6. Easy to assemble. Includes all hardware for assembly.


Our advantages

1. Ease of use refers to how user-friendly a particular firewood rack is. When you are dealing with loading and unloading heavy logs, making the process as simple as possible is extremely important. Doing so can help minimize strain on your back and also typically allow you to spend less time in the cold outdoors (where firewood is typically stored). Things we like to look for here include easily accessible loading areas, self-centralizing rails, divided sections for splitting up firewood for kindling, adjustable lengths, solid bases to avoid wood falling through, and more.

2. This metric is pretty self-explanatory. Storage Space refers to have much room you have to work with to store firewood in. It is worth noting that not everybody will need a massive firewood rack. People that only temporarily burn wood or don’t have space/money for a large rack may prefer a smaller unit. What we value is the ability to maximize storage space for a given size. Certain models may take up a lot of space but not be able to store that much firewood due to their design.

3. Any time you make a purchase, you expect quality. And that is particularly the case when purchasing a firewood rack. Since firewood racks need to be able to hold a lot of weight and oftentimes be stored outside in demanding elements, having high-quality construction is extremely important. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. This includes using strong metal for framing, having a thick protective coat that is resistant to rust and heat, utilizing quality hardware and welding, and more.

4. This cost metric is pretty self-explanatory. We value firewood racks that are a good bang for your buck. And just because one model is cheaper than another doesn’t automatically mean that it will rank better here. Rather, we are after products that provide good features, durability, and storage space and a competitive asking price compared to other similar models on the market.

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