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Bedding And Path Edging

Sometimes borders are a good thing and that includes in the garden. Edges help provide a transition between elements and can help contain gravel, mulch and turf from spreading. Besides its use for providing a barrier, edging provides an additional design element and should be considered detail. Many types are no-dig, meaning you hammer them into the ground. Painted finishes or galvanized metal last the longest, but unfinished metal has an attractive rustic appearance for country gardens.

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1. Provides a neat, crisp border.

2. Stops turf grass from growing into flower beds and other areas.

3. Prevents flowering plants from growing into the lawn by providing a barrier for the plant roots.

4. Keeps mulch or other material such as gravel in place.

5. Defines different areas of the garden and enhances the overall design.

6. A visual barrier – can direct people to walk in certain areas and not others.

7. Draws attention to an attractive focal point such as a specimen tree or shrub, which can be surrounded by ‘tree ring’ lawn edging.

8. Stops weeds from growing into flower beds.



Our advantages

1. Creates a clean separation between garden beds, grass, paths, and driveways using little space and minimizing visual distraction.

2. Prevents migration of garden materials such as gravel and mulch.

3. Particularly effective at keeping grass from creeping into adjacent beds and paths.

4. Will not rot, crack, chip, or become brittle in cold weather.

5. Stays put, resisting ground movement most often created from extreme weather conditions such as excessive rains or frost heave.

6. Won’t sustain damage from garden maintenance tools.This is good for you because it keeps their messes contained to this one single room. Instead of scattering their toys all over the house, they have this one spot that they can use to play to their hearts’ content.

7. Metal edging ideas accentuate the beauty of your lawn, flower bed, flower garden or garden path. Metal landscape edging is the perfect decoration for gardens, parks and squares and creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

8. Metal landscape edging will prevent spreading of gravel or mulch and will keep grass and weeds from invading into your flower beds or paths.

9. Metal garden edging is very durable – it will not rot, crack, chip and withstands extreme weather conditions such as excessive rains or frost. In addition, it is resistant and will not be damaged by garden maintenance tools. Breaking metal landscape edging is quite difficult which means that your garden edging will last for years.

10. Metal edging comes in a variety of styles, designs, materials and colors. Metal garden edging comes as steel, galvanized steel, wrought iron, aluminum, etc. It can be shaped in almost any form – curves, straight lines – whatever your landscape design requires. Metal garden edging works with different exterior design styles – modern, contemporary, industrial, rustic, etc.

11. As you see metal landscape edging offers many benefits durability, strength, low maintenance, easy to shape and install, clean and unobtrusive appearance and long life which makes it a very popular choice in the landscaping of public and residential outdoor spaces.

12. It could be floral ornaments, geometric shapes or a any other design which works with the exterior style and the surrounding elements – arbors, benches or buildings. The process of manufacturing custom made metal garden edging is usually laborious and time-consuming and that is the reason for the high price.

13. Usually, metal landscape edging is powder-coated and susceptible to flaking, which leads to unattractive rusty appearance. That is why some people think that metal is not a good idea for garden edging. The above argument is generally valid for steel edging and if you wanted to avoid that problem you could opt for aluminum edging or wrought iron garden edging although each of those has its pros and cons as well.

14. It is available unfinished or in different corrosion-resistant finishes and blends in a great way with contemporary exterior designs. Keep in mind that it is not resistant to corrosion, but the process is slow and it may take decades before your steel garden edging needs to be replaced.

15. Aluminum garden edging does not rust but due to the softness it bends and loses shape easier. Usually such edging looks like a very low fence and comes in a variety of ornamental designs. The great advantages of cast iron and wrought iron garden edging are the durability and low maintenance. The con is the high price as this type of metal edging is considerably more expensive than any other metal edging.

16. The installation of metal garden edging is an excellent DIY project for anyone – whether a beginner gardener or an experienced DIY-er. Metal edging typically comes in long strips. Before installing metal landscape edging, make sure that the soil on the spot of installation is soft. If the soil is hard, dig a slim trench so that you can bury the edging. Place the edging and using a rubber mallet fix the metal edging into the ground. Some metal edging designs come with horizontal metal straps attached to one side into which you insert metal spikes to anchor the garden edging.

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