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Aluminium, carbon and stainless steel security fence

The retractable railing secures amongst other things swimming pools, but can also be used for other applications where a zone has to be screened off.
The modular system is available in two versions:
Built on – if an existing swimming pool later has to be secured.
Built in – if it can be incorporated directly into the floor around the swimming pool.
Modular: A number of lengths are simply placed one after another to form one unit.
LED atmospheric lighting can be incorporated in the unit.

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Aluminium, carbon and stainless steel

The modules consist of an aluminium top frame, bottom frame and lid.

The hard anodised frames are treated and thus resistant to swimming pool water.

The bars are made of black carbon:

  • they are very strong but also light;

  • they are placed in a specific order so that they neatly tilt next to each other when the fence is folded in;

  • this way the installation height is very small: only 9 cm;

  • the tilting of the bars cushions the impact and makes the system extremely sturdy;

  • this way of tilting, together with the LED lighting gives the unit a nice look.

The combination of aluminium and carbon ensures that anyone can operate the fence due to its lightness.

The rest of the attachments and small parts are made of stainless steel.

This guarantees a very long useful life with very limited maintenance.

Modular system

The railing and LED lighting are composed of 4-metre modules.

Changes to the standard modules are possible in function of the situation at the client’s location.


Several options are possible:

  • The aluminium top and bottom frame can be hard anodised.

  • Available in the following anodised colour: black, red, green, blue and purple;

  • The lid can furthermore also be coated in the RAL colour of your choice.

  • Led strips:

    • RGB colours, to be programmed as you choose;

    • Or simply white light.

    • Of both, incorporated in 1 lighting element.

Atmospheric lighting

The zigzag lay-out of the carbon stems in combination with the programmed changing LED colours creates unique and delightful atmospheric lighting.


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